Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Over the past few days I have been working, exploring, and relaxing. On Saturday, we went to the downtown Sunnyvale farmers market and I was so excited by the fresh, beautiful rows and rows of fruit. From avocado hummus to durian (a stinky fruit from South East Asia) ice cream, I enjoyed wonderful new tastes. The trip brought back memories of the markets in Europe bustling and alive. Today we went to a Mediterranean restaurant called DishDash in downtown. Although it is a Wednesday night, there were hundreds of people of all ages dancing and listening to music in the street. We discovered a little bookstore with carefully collected and some eclectic books. I definitely plan to spend more time there in the coming weeks. It was fascinating watching so many people relaxing in their own ways freely and harmoniously. There was one man chatting with a friend with a huge snake sitting around his neck casually while elderly women danced unrestrainedly in the middle of the street. Both the people watching and the food were enjoyable. On Monday we walked around Santana Row in San Jose and the brightly colored flowers complemented the rose colored sky. It is so beautiful here, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy and spend time with family. My work is going along well. I have been learning and I met with my mentor yesterday and I am diving into some of the calculations and modeling tools. On the side, I have been brushing up on my calculus and expanding my knowledge on my own. I am thankful for new people and places.